We can restore your antique and heirloom ironwork to like-new condition. Using a mix of modern and traditional techniques, we can restore the shape and finish of most any iron object.

Andirons and Fireplace Tools Before Restoration by Georgeforge

These impressive andirons and fireplace tools were looking their age. With a little work and some heat we made them look young again.


Andirons and Firplace Tools Restored by George Forge

All of the rust was removed and a burnt oil finish was applied. This is a traditional finish that has been used throughout history. A mixture of linseed oil and beeswax is applied when the metal is hot. This process is similar to that used to season cast iron cookware. The wax makes a long lasting, durable finish.


Rusted Iron Before Restoration by Georgeforge


Oil and Beeswax finish on Andirons by Georgeforge



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