Following are descriptions of what will be needed in to get started on your project.

For Reproductions

The best way to achieve a good copy is to have the original in hand to work with directly. Having an original to work with will save time, and insure that no details are missed on the finished product. Often it is not possible, or convenient to bring an original to the shop. In this case detailed photographs, accompanied by measurements of the original will be required. If necessary we can go out to view an original in situ.

When requesting a reproduction to furnish a house or museum, and original examples are not present, we will need additional information. If a design is already decided upon, we will need copies of any pertinent drawings, images, and dimensions. It may also be helpful to know the history and setting of the place in which the piece will be installed. We may be able to help you with preliminary research and design decisions. Extensive research projects may be chargeable.


For Custom Work

Concept sketches are good way to get an idea across. We will need as much detail as possible with regards to the inspiration, intended use, and dimensions of the final piece. For architectural installations, photographs and dimensions of the mounting surfaces will be required. Let us know if you have particular finish preferences in mind.


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