Traveling Bed for Dodge Sprinter Van
Traveling Bed for Dodge Sprinter Van
This bed was designed and built for a woman who needed to travel to her doctor appointments laying down.


The mounts were specially made to fit the existing seat mounting pins. It was important to ensure that the bed would stay securely in place at all times. These quick release locking mechanisms allow for easy removal, and snap in placement of the bed. A pin can be inserted to lock the quick release bar in either the open or closed position.


Detail of Locking Mechanism on Bed for Dodge Sprinter Van

The legs were made offset to place the bed top against the driver side wall. The rail on the right side is easily removable.
Offset Leg View of Bed for Doge Sprinter Van



The particle board surface of the bed is removable and doubles as a stretcher in case of an emergency on the road.
Bed Top Doubles as Stretcher


Here are some pictures of the Project taking Shape.

Inside the Locking Mechanism
Steel Bunnies
Detail of Bed for Dodge Sprinter Van


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